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Europe Set to Move En Masse to Cloud HCM

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Historically, HCM systems have had something of a bad reputation when it comes to usability and manageability. Cloud systems typically offer a better user experience, greater accessibility (for example by mobile clients) and an opportunity to break away from fixed costs, annual maintenance charges and complex integration.

This report underlines the extent to which European decision-makers have already made their moves. It found that:

  • Almost 50% of organisations are currently utilising a cloud-based HCM system.
  • Over 50% of on-premise HCM organisations plan to move to a cloud-based HCM solution in the next 12 months.
  • Nearly 90% of on-premise HCM organisations spend 5-10+ hours per month configuring and maintaining their HCM system.

To learn how your organisation can make the switch to a cloud-based HCM and save time and money, download this study today!